Thanks to everyone who came out to CLLAW XX on November 15!

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Our next match will be February 13, 2015 at the Logan Square Auditorium.




Join us, volunteer, and get more information on our main page:  www.CLLAW.org


Wrists up!

CLLAW 18 is here!

CLLAW 18 is here!

CLLAW 18 is March 8 at the Logan Square Auditorium!

The Dismembership Drive

DismembershipBrand new lady arm wrestler Gorrison Killer is coming off the airwaves to face off with The Doctor. Who? The Doctor. Arm Lord vs. public radio’s bad mutherf**ker in the first round of CLLAW’s Sweet 16 tomorrow night.

What should you know about Gorrison Killer before you arrive at the Logan Square Auditorium on June 7th? Gorrison Killer hails from Lake Hobegone, Minnesota, where all the women are really f**king strong, the men are good for nothing, and the children have above-average biceps. Everyone woman she defeats tomorrow night loses most of her dignity, yes, but she gains a tote bag for her loyalty to losing.

“I know 15 ladies who will be tuning into the ‘Weakened Edition’ on Saturday morning!” Find if she’s got what it takes tomorrow at 10PM. Entry to CLLAW 16 is only $10.

Mayhem, Music and Making a Difference

shinersWhat’s better than arm wrestling? Arm wrestling and music. What’s better than arm wrestling and music? Arm wrestling and music for only $10. CLLAW’s sweet 16 will have 16 arm wrestling ladies and 3 musical acts too!

Arrive right when the doors open at 10:00 PM for a performance by the lovely Vallery Dolls. She’ll croon you into the first rounds of wrestling. Our halftime show comes courtesy of Black Laces, which feature the musical talents of wrestler Ivana Drago. Give her your full attention or she’ll pound your face in with an iron fist. And then after we crown our CLLAW 16 champion, Chicago’s premiere fight-themed cover band, The Lucky Shiners, will close out the night.

And here’s the best part: All proceeds from CLLAW are donated to charity. Sideshow Theatre Company’s partner charity for CLLAW 16 is C4 (Community Counseling Centers of Chicago). C4 helps adults and children recover from mental health problems, overcome substance use, and heal from emotional trauma.

So now you have something to look forward to. You just have to fight through your workweek to earn a fight-filled night on Friday, June 7th. The doors of the Logan Square Auditorium open at 10 PM.

When Allergies Attack

beeThe Killer Bee returns to defend her title Friday, June 7th at the Logan Square Auditorium. Is the six-time champ unstoppable? Maybe … but maybe not. Rumor has it she’s been sending pollen-laced letters to her opponents in the weeks leading up to CLLAW with the hope that their allergies might flare up and leave them unable to compete. Sounds like one top competitor might not be so sure of victory this time around.

“I wasn’t sure the letter was for me because it was addressed to Snow ‘You Are Weak’ Blight, but I opened it because it had my address on it. There was all this yellow powder in it. I immediately started sneezing,” said competitor Snow Blight, who returns to CLLAW on Friday night after a long absence. At CLLAW 13, she took a sip from a poisoned cider that left her snoozing for a few months. “It’s my kryptonite,” she said. “It sucks too because I just love apples.”

When we attempted to contact the Bee about these pollen-filled letters, she said, “Not me. Didn’t do it.” When we reminded her that she was, in fact, the only bee competing at CLLAW she said, “It’s allergy season. Pollen is everywhere.”

CLLAW’s Sweet 16 hits the Logan Square Auditorium this Friday, June 7th. Doors open at 10 PM. Tickets are only $10 and available now! Bring Claritin.

Happy Sweet 16, CLLAW

cllawtodaySixteen already! They grow up so fast. CLLAW is old enough to drive but not old enough to drink … legally. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve assembled 16 badass lady arm wrestlers, two bandsBlack Laces and The Lucky Shinersone partner charityC4, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago—and an opening night performance by CLLAW mainstay Vallery Dolls.

What does Rockke L. Squelch have to say about it? “It’s sounds like a nice party. I will have a party just like it when I turn 16 … in one years,” she said.

So to sum up, we’ve learned that CLLAW’s Sweet 16 will be one hell of a party and apparently Rockke L. Squelch is only 15. Florida Devereaux had this to say in response, “If Rockke L. Squelch is 15, then I’m sober.” CLLAW 16 hits Logan Square Auditorium on Friday, June 7th. Only $10 dollars gets you in the open doors at 10PM.


volunteersCLLAW is big. It’s real big and it continues to grow. Every last bit of that success and growth is due to our army of extraordinary volunteers, from wrestlers and managers to CLLAWBUX sellers and wrestler wranglers. Our wrestling roster for CLLAW 16 on June 7th has rounded itself out nicely but we still need more volunteers. And you can be a part of it.

Are you ready to hit the ground running at CLLAW? Want to be more than just a spectator? We want all of that too! Volunteer for CLLAW’s Sweet 16 now! VOLUNTEER!.


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